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Team - Lorde

Do I Wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys

Breathe Me-- Sia

Hotel California-- Eagles

Stairway to Heaven-- Led Zeppelin

Stuck in A Moment -- U2

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain- Willie Nelson

White Houses-- Vanessa Carlton

What the Water Gave me- Florence + the Machine

Colors- Halsey

Little Black Submarines -- The Black Keys

There’s a secret in this candy-covered place And we’ve eaten up the lies to be erased.
In this prison, there is frustration
Keeping us here ’til we break.
We’ve been dining like the food would never end, Played in beauty made of lies to be best friends. I say that something’s gotta change.

I need it but I only seem to bleed. Then I scream out loud/ Oooooh They’ll pay the world for it/ Oooooh Yet I must get out/ Oooooh
Oh, I’m in the trap And it steals from me. I can feel me slip now
But I will be tenacious.
Trinity will tempt you
By promising to help you.
Beauty and lies run thick as thieves, That’s what I’m learning this time. It may try to steal me
But oh, my light will heal me.
Yeah, fire is tenacious.
— Steal Me, by Ember Trouve

hearing the world through   Ember's eyes

Ember called the neurological phenomenon of synesthesia, her Color Crayon Brain. Ember copied down this poem by Mel Finefrock, which underscored how she saw and heard the world.   

Click  here to read  the typewritten version of Mel's poem. 

Click here to read the typewritten version of Mel's poem. 

Read more  poems about hearing in color by poet Finefrock by clicking below:
Singing in Color



Wanna know more about synesthesia?

Check out these videos:

What is synesthesia? -- A neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second pathway. 

Found: ember's missing persons report