To Despina:


I put together a guide to healing crystals so that you can train yourself and we can work together to stop Xintra.


Meaning: Protection, Strength, Harmony

From what I understand, Agate apparently got its name from the Achates River in Greece. It comes in so many colors and really, from all over the world.  I see its greatest asset is strength. Gobs of it.  In fact, ancient warriors put it on their breastplates of their armor to give warriors strength in battle. It gives courage, self-confidence and dispels fears, strengthening the body’s connection to the earth. It enhances creativity and strengthens the mind. It’s known for good luck and harmony and balancing out the yin/yang energy. Because it’s a grounding stone, it only gives you bursts of energy just when you need it. It’s ideal for amulets and jewelry as a way to protect against harmful spirits. White agate, in particular, is especially considered a stone of hope. It might be my favorite stone.


Meaning: Nurturing

Like agate, jasper comes in so many colors and patterns-- brown, white, gray-blue and even purple – and it’s found worldwide, and especially in the western United States. It’s a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation, allowing you to really feel peaceful even in difficult situations. Oh, and I swear that jasper can assist me in astral travel and I certainly use it in for magical protection. It’s strong, but it’s also gentle. Perfect. In Native American cultures, jasper is used for rainmaking and has been used by ancient healers to in stomach and intestinal problems. I haven’t found much use for that though.


Meaning:  Psychic, Sobriety

The energy of the amethyst crystal is so complex. Its energy can be gentle as a breeze or wild like a hurricane. Most people will tell you it’s meditative and calming, allowing peace and balance and eliminating impatience. I use it when I need a lot of power and really think of it as one of my all-purpose stones that can really enhance intuition and psychic powers by making a clear connection between the earth and other spiritual planes. It’s excellent for meditation and lucid dreaming and can really open the abilities for telepathy, past life regression, clairaudience and clairvoyance. I find I can communicate more easily with angels with it in my hand. Oh, and the list goes on. Amethyst can protects against psychic attacks, and can really help heal personal losses and grief, guiding people gently through those rough waters. My grandmother said she could pick up a sedative energy that really did encourage peacefulness, happiness, and contentment, inner strength and flexibility. Great stone.


Meaning: Clarity, Purpose, Order

Fluorite comes in every color of the rainbow and spans the corners of the globe, including China, England and Argentina. It is a must for any healer. It can be used psychically as a shield, protecting you from chaotic vibrations and can help remove astral attachments or negative energy. It really gets rid of that mental fog, improves decision making and really enhances my focus. It can also help with fear of the future and anger. Black fluorite, in particular, is known as the "great astral cleaner" because it clears negativity energy from the aura and can cut down on nightmares.  Green fluorite is a great all-purpose stone that can promote self-love and remove narrow-mindedness. Magenta fluorite is the stone of the heart and the inner truth. Pink fluorite is a stone of good will, positive nature and cheer. Purple fluorite fortifies mystical insight and awareness, opening the third eye. Yellow fluorite is a stone of the mind, helping with learning. Love this one.


Meaning: Stability, grounding

This is known as the “blood stone,” because found naturally it has na iron oxide ore which is a red rust. But normally, when we get it later, it’s nice and polished and a silvery-gray black color. It’s more commonly used to ground or stabilize for protection. It keeps you connected to the earth and helps with original thinking, logical thinking, and mathematics. It’s great for anxiety relief and insomnia.


Meaning: Heart

Jade is a stone of the heart, fidelity and generosity and can attract and boost love. But many of my healing friends use it to increase self-reliance.


Meaning: loyalty, honesty, serenity

Kyanite is a stone of channeling. You can use it to have vivid dreams, better dream recall and really diminish your anger. I use this one on my bedside table, to recall dreams and figure out where people might be to intercept them from Trinity. It’s great because Kyanite does not retain negative energy and never needs energetic cleansing. Black kyanite in particular really helps me with meditation and can deflect negativity. Orange Kyanite is great because it can really improve creativity.

Lapis Lazuli

Meaning: Truth, inner power, organization

Lapis Lazuli literally means blue stone but it’s not one single mineral but a combination of pyrite, calcite and lazurite and traditionally it has been a stone of royalty. It helps with maintaining a connection between the physical and celestial planes and a strong spiritual connection. It’s a manifestation stone, so if you meditate on something is can bring a strong manifestation energy to make it a reality. It’s a very very powerful crystal for positive or white magic and protects you from attacks. It brings hope and healing from past trauma.


Meaning: power, energy, clarity

This is one of most common stones on the planet and comes in so many translucent colors. It has been used in Australian Aborigines rain rituals and crystal balls to predict the future since the middle ages.  It can amplify energy and thoughts, great for psychic vision and communicating in various worlds. You name it: Astral travel, channeling, dream recall. But most important, it can counter black magic and protect from negative energy—Xintra! I call it an all-purpose healing stone. It generates boatloads of power.