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Lodima believed in seeing signs from the spirit world through nature. What would she say about what you see in life? CLICK HERE to take this quiz to find out. (P.S.- I'm a deer)


Lodima's notes to on the crystals and their ability to harness the earth's energy

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Inside the head of an empath

Lodima always felt different, hearing voices, seeing people's dreams. As a teenager, she considered herself a loner because the world was too overwhelming.

I asked Seattle empath Brigitte Sztab, who claims to see the unseen what it's like to be in her shoes. Here's what she said:

“I was a very emotional child, and my mother said I cried easily.
I always had girlfriends but I generally felt lonely and depressed, because people seemed to constantly hurt each other without caring. They also were inauthentic and lied to each other. The world didn’t seem to be made for a sensitive soul like me. It wasn’t until much later that I understood that most people cannot feel other people’s emotions the way I do.
When I was 17, I first became aware that I had a core strength — and that was my heart. I learned to listen to my heart even when it didn’t seem prudent. That strengthened my inner voice. People tend to use their mind too much and not their heart. We ask a question, and there is an immediate need to produce an answer, for ourselves or somebody else. But we need to learn to ask our inner knowing and wait for an answer, when it comes to matters of emotional importance. Rainer Maria Rilke said: “Ask the question and you will live your way into the answer.”
— Brigitte Sztab, a "psychic knower" in Seattle




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