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"A MUST READ! One of the best books I have read in awhile. I don't want to give the details to spoil it but this is a MUST read asap."

"WOW! This book is absolutely nuts!! It has that mystery that makes you want to keep searching for the truth and once you find it, you wonder if you’re crazy after all."

I FLEW THROUGH IT "I've read some of the other YA series, such as Divergent, The Hunger Games, etc., and I think that Ember Burning is on equal footing with any of them. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series."

"THE CHARACTERS PULL YOU RIGHT IN, regardless of your age. I found myself constantly trying to figure it out, all the while enjoying the pages of literary candy. Bring on books two and three...quickly please. :)"

AMAZING BOOK! "This is the best book I've read all year! It takes you through a multitude of different feelings including loneliness, despair, mystery, excitement, sadness, and magic. Ember is the great main character that shows us not a perfect, barbie-doll life, but rather a relatable one. Once you read it you will be enchanced with the characters like me. I can't wait for the next one to come out!"


"AWESOME BOOK! Well written and engaging. I could not put it down. Excited for the second book!"

 "WOW... JUST WOW Disturbing, mysterious, and darkly romantic, Trinity Forest and it's ties to the Anunnaki will keep you glued to the page. The characters are complex, sympathetic, and flawed without being unlikable."

CAPTIVATING FIRST NOVEL  "Wow! What an incredibly engaging and powerful first time novel. I wouldn't have necessarily thought I'd be drawn to a "YA" novel but at the suggestion of a friend I picked up "Ember Burning" and couldn't put it down. So, be forewarned, this book appeals to middle-aged women just as much as young adults :-). Alsever manages to keep the reader both rooted in the physical world while also exploring the other-worldly. She brings these characters vividly to life and imbues sympathetic qualities in all of them. This is the first part of a trilogy and I am already counting down the days to the sequel."

"WHAT AN AMAZING STORY! One can't help but fall in love with Ember from the very beginning and I cheered her on until the very end."

"I WAS HOOKED FROM THE FIRST WORD. This book is written from a wonderful perspective with twists I could never have dreamed up. All of the characters are so complex. I would definitely recommend this book to any reader, and this comes from my perspective as a total bookworm."

"EMBER'S VOICE IS ALTERNATELY SPUNKY, WISE, BRUTALLY HONEST AND BEAUTIFULLY FLAWED,  bringing teen-diary realism to this riveting scifi-fantasy novel."

"WOW. This book is absolutely nuts!! It has that mystery that makes you want to keep searching for the truth and once you find it, you wonder if you’re crazy after all. What a trippy ending omg."

"FANTASTICALLY GRIPPING FOR A TEEN. OR A MOM. Unique. This story captured me. It is written with the rich texture that makes you see it happen! The author crafts the characters with grit and grace. Reading Oshun Rising now. Cant wait to see what happens next. Love."

"A MUST READ. One of the best books i have read in awhile. I dont want to give details to spoil it, but this is a MUST read asap."

"The story was gripping and very well written. And just when you think everything is figured out and it will all be alright it leaves you with a cliffhanger that makes you wanting more right then. It's exciting and adventurous and never let's you go."

"ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. This book will have you on the edge of your seat. Amazing story with fantastic characters. Page turner with twists you won't see coming."

"FIVE STARS. Easy read and engaging. Love the characters and the mystery/suspense."


praise for oshun rising

NUMBER ONE IN MY BOOKS: This is a great thriller book that is a must read. Will leave you on the edge of your seat the whole time. I couldn't stop reading.


EDGE OF MY SEAT: I loved this book more than the first. I couldn't wait to see what would happen to the characters.

GREAT SEQUEL!!!! My daughter and I read Ember Burning together and we were super excited to get the second book. I literally could not put this down

FIVE STARS: Couldn't put it down!

I LOVE ALSEVER'S STORYTELLING! It is a “must read in one sitting” kind of book, and I am looking forward to the third book!

"REVETING SQUEL. After absolutely loving "Ember Burning," I was worried about the curse of the sequel, and I managed my expectations a bit. No need! The author not only maintained the mystery and intrigue of the first book, but built on the story in a way I wasn't quite expecting. Oshun Rising was an absolute page-turner that has me eagerly awaiting book 3!"

"Haunting and beautifully written. This author is so talented!"



Editorial reviews praise Ember Burning

"This compelling novel is excellently plotted, flows well and beautifully written with vivid imagery, spot-on use of simile, and nearly perfect dialogue. The idea of a forest full of urban legends is original and will keep the reader engaged. The characters here are believable and well rendered. Ember has a strong voice that resonates from the very first page of the book. The book will appeal to readers of all ages, not just young adult readers."
-- Publisher's Weekly 
 Quarter-finalist in the Book Life Prize
“Jennifer Alsever’s Trinity Forest Series hit the shelves this month and is already drawing comparisons to The Hunger Games. Just this week, the first of Alsever’s trilogy, Ember Burning, had more than 3,000 Amazon Kindle downloads.”
— -- The Vail Daily

"If you're looking for something different and new, then Ember Burning comes highly recommended. It doesn't fit neatly into existing categories but beats a whole new path. One that's full of traps and people who can't be trusted.Compelling and creepy, I loved it."

-Paisleypiranha Book Blog

"Haunting, engaging and original. All the ingredients of a great summer read.

"- Ripley's BookList

"Alsever has done a remarkable job of guiding readers through the dark, through the Trinity Forest, yet without scratches and bruises. She then leaves us on the edge between two realities and the choices that must be made."

"Five stars! This book is an emotional rollercoaster but it keeps you hooked right from the start. Ember Burning was phenomenal." 
--Lady Amber Review

"This book was gorgeously written–and SO unique!; I am glad the wait for book 2 isn’t long, because I’m desperate; awesome, well-rounded, complex characters; this read was WILD, and I adored every moment! I am just SO glad I was given the chance to pick this book up, as I might not have discovered it on my own–and that would be SUCH a tragedy! This is a fast-paced read filled with muscle-clenching drama and unique, vibrant characters. The addition of synesthesia only helped to enhance the already gorgeous, flowery prose. I absolutely CANNOT wait to pick up book two this fall–that cliffhanger rocked my poor penguin brain, and I MUST know what happens next! I recommend this to lovers of uniquely crafted journeys, paranormal/fantasy settings, and realistically flawed characters. The cliffs are steep beyond the gate, penguins; watch your steps, and your souls."

Betwixthesepages Book Blog

"A gripping thriller, this book is going to hurt you and make you beg for things to be different. Ember burning’ is so much better than your average thriller."

--EcstaticYetChaotic Blog

"Ember Burning is a well-written Young Adult story that flows well and has great, relatable characters."

Patrick Hodges, Staff Reviewer 
Top 500 Reviewer 

"If you like Riverdale, Supernatural or anything Paranormal and mysterious, then this is definitely a read for you!"


"OSHUN RISING is NOT that sequel stepchild of so many series! Jennifer Alsever's mind is like a garden in full bloom. I was captivated by EMBER BURNING, but OSHUN RISING has taken my breath away with Ms. Alsever's powerful writing and brilliant storytelling." 

-Tome Tender Blog


"I absolutely loved this. I read Ember Burning back in the summer and I enjoyed it, but Oshun Rising takes a massive step forward in so many ways: writing, plotting, characters, the world Jennifer Alsever has created.... Fabulous. I want more!"

-paisleypiranha blog