now Available  Oshun rising 

Trinity Forest Book 2 

"Reality is like a dream that turns into vapor the moment you try to remember.
Here one minute, gone the next.
I fight for consciousness as though drowning and gulping for air... 
I'm like a passenger on a ship that was once mine, but now someone else is steering and all I can do is watch.
Scream silently in my head."


OSHUN has everything a young pop star could ever want—fame, fortune, and beauty to spare. But there’s something dark inside of her, rising like the tide, fighting to be heard. Something that terrifies her. Because once she lets it out, she knows there’s no going back. 

EMBER is drowning. Fighting for consciousness, struggling to make sense of the strange dreams she’s been having—prophecies of murder, deception, and blackmail. But once she begins to untangle them, she realizes that they might not be dreams at all…and if she doesn’t find a way to stop what she’s seeing, more people will die.

MADDIE is barely staying afloat. How can she be expected to care about school when her best friend Ember is still missing, presumed dead? So when Ember’s brother calls and tells her about his theory about a pop star who may be involved in Ember’s disappearance, she rallies him to take a road trip to check it out. 


Venus Shining

Trinity Forest Book 3


"From across the fire, a grin spread over her face,

combining delight and pure, raw power. 

I could not deny the power of the chanting, the swirling red hair, my painting prophecy and the--holy crap--electric bubble around us.

This was real. Her power was real."

TRIUMPHANT at last, Ember has fought her way back from the evil witch’s curse and reclaimed her identity, her sense of self. Now she must stop Xintra from hurting the boy she loves, even as she uncovers the truth behind her mother’s dark, twisted past.

REJOICING in her power over the human race, Xintra is closer than ever to achieving her father’s dream—a dream she sacrificed her own life to realize. But when key members of her team defy her, she must scramble to enact her plan before obedience gives way to anarchy.

BREAKING free from the chains that once bound her to a life of wickedness, Zoe must face the past she once sought to escape in order to save the futures of those she doomed. Will she make amends with the dead in time to save the living?