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"Tre. This problem-with-authority, acerbic, going-kicking-and-screaming, punk-rock dude with a big heart and a brilliant mind is one of my favorites in this series." --Kate Angelella, freelance editor



A look at the history of Germany's Berlin Wall and its fall in 1989. 

Punk rockers from the 1980s

Punk rockers from the 1980s

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Punk was more than just music. It was a subculture of ideologies and fashion characterized by an anti-establishment views. It was loud. It was aggressive. It was small bands. Think: leather jackets, offensive t-shirts, Doc Marten boots, bright mohawks and tattoos.  Like it or not, here's a taste of Tre's music. Hear something else? Build your own playlist and send it to me!

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Blister in the Sun: Violent Femmes

Kiss Off: Violent Femmes

I Wanna Be Sedated: Ramones

I Ran: A Flock of Seagulls

Take On Me: A-Ha

I Hate Myself for Loving You: Joan Jett

Police Truck: Dead Kennedys


Germany's Punk Scene

The punk scene in Germany started in the 1970s and had counter-cultural convictions. Some say that the punk rock's influence actually brought down the Berlin Wall.  Read more about it  here

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People climbing over a graffiti Berlin wall in 1989.

People climbing over a graffiti Berlin wall in 1989.